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Ridgewood, 54 Mount Pleasant Road, Camborne, Cornwall, TR14 7RJ

Statement of Purpose

Aims and objectives


Ridgewood is a service for people with an intellectual impairment (Learning Disability) and associated mild/moderate mental health issues.

Ridgewood has operated very successfully for 16 years.

The vision for Ridgewood being in two parts;


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1. We offer a safe and supportive setting so the service user may live within the community but with the planned level of support required in their lives until they are ready for the next step. We aim to provide a more suitable environment for persons with intellectual impairment who require transitional guidance and training, with the main aim of leading a more independent life with enhanced self esteem and adding success to their life experiences.

2. We also recognise some people need the support and the feeling of security that small residential care setting has to offer. We acknowledge that not all our service users will move on to other residential or more independent settings and we will become a ‘home for life’ for these vulnerable individuals if this is what is in their best interest.

Ridgewood is set in spacious private grounds, with ample level parking and situated on the outskirts of Camborne. We are within a short walk of the main bus and train terminals and approximately 3 miles from the beautiful Cornish coast in most directions.

Camborne, formerly a prosperous mining town, is well facilitated with most major retailers together with many smaller varied outlets. Banks, Post Office and a choice of Medical Services are all within walking distance.





We recognise that life in a communal setting and the need to accept help with personal tasks are inherently invasive of a service user’s ability to enjoy the pleasure of being alone and undisturbed. We therefore strive to retain as much privacy as possible for our service users in the following ways,

Giving help to intimate situations as discretely as possible.
Helping service users to furnish and equip their rooms in their own style and to use them as much as they wish for leisure, meals and entertaining.
We have three lounge areas, offering a range of locations around the home for service users to be alone or with selected others such as meeting relatives and friends.
Providing locks on service user’s storage space, bedrooms and other rooms in which service users need at times to be uninterrupted.
Guaranteeing service user’s privacy when using the telephone, opening and reading post and communicating with friends, relatives or advisors.
Ensuring the confidentiality of information the home holds about service users.



Illness & disabilities quickly undermine dignity, so we try to preserve respect for our service users’ intrinsic value in the following ways,


  • Treating each service user as a special and valued individual.
  • Helping service users to present themselves to others, as they would wish through their own clothing, their personal appearance and their behaviour in public.
  • Offering a range of meaningful activities, which enable each service user to express himself or herself as a unique individual.
  • Tackling the stigma from which our service users may encounter through age, Illness, disability or status.
  • Compensating for the effects of Mental Illness, which service users may experience on their communication, physical functioning, mobility or appearance.



We are aware that our service users may have given up a great deal of their independence in entering a group living situation. We regard it as all the more important to foster our service user’s remaining opportunities to think and act without reference to another person in the following ways.


  • Providing as tactfully as possible human or technical assistance when it is needed.
  • Maximising the abilities of our service users to retain for self-care, for independent interaction with others, and for carrying out the tasks of daily living unaided, where appropriate and risks have been assessed.
  • Help service users take reasonable and assessed risks.
  • Promoting possibilities for service users to establish and retain contacts beyond the home.
  • Using any form of restraint on service users; such as prescribed medication which could be construed as a form of chemical restraint or bedrails as part of the plan of care following risk assessments including input from the multi-disciplinary team, would be used only in situations of urgency when it is essential for their own safety or the safety of others, this is also authorised by Management each time and a DOLS agreement obtained. We will not use physical restraint. Staff are trained in managing behaviour that can be challenging.
  • Encouraging service users to have access to and contribute to the records of their own care.
  • In accordance the Disability Discrimination Act, the ground floor areas are all accessible by wheelchair users. Ridgewood has bathrooms that can also accommodate bath aids and a wet room/shower facility. All rooms have either en-suite toilet and hand wash basins or a nominate toilet and hand wash basin just for a service users’ individual use. We have two single rooms vacant on the ground floor which have been totally refurbished.


Security and civil rights

We aim to provide an environment and structure of support, which responds to the need for security in the following ways,


  • Offering assistance with tasks in situations that would otherwise be perilous for service users.
  • Protecting service users from all forms of abuse and all forms of abusers.
  • Providing readily accessible channels for dealing with complaints by service users.
  • Creating an atmosphere in the home which service users experience as open, positive and inclusive.
  • Ensuring that service users have the opportunity to vote in elections and to brief themselves fully on the democratic options.
  • Preserving for service users full and equal access to all elements of the National Health Service.
  • Helping service user to claim all appropriate welfare benefits and social services.
  • Assisting service users’ access to public services such as libraries, education and lifelong learning.
  • Facilitate service users in contributing to society through volunteering, helping each other and taking on roles involving responsibility within and beyond the home.



We aim to help our service users exercise the opportunity to select from a range of options in all aspects of their lives in the following ways,

  • Providing meals which enable service users as far as possible to decide for themselves where, when and with whom they consume food and drink of their choice.
  • Offering service users a wide range of leisure activities from which to choose.
  • Enabling service users to manage their own time and not be dictated by set communal timetables.
  • Avoiding wherever possible treating service users as a homogenous group.
  • Respecting individual, unusual or eccentric behaviour in service users.
  • Retaining maximum flexibility in the routines of the daily life of the home.


We want our service users to realise personal aspirations and abilities in all aspects of their lives. We seek to assist this in the following ways,

  • Informing ourselves as fully as each service user wishes about their individual histories and characteristics.
  • Providing a range of leisure and recreational activities to suit the tastes and abilities of all the service users, and to stimulate participation.
  • Responding appropriately to personal, intellectual, artistic and spiritual values and practices of every service user.
  • Respecting our service users’ religious, ethnic and cultural diversity.
  • Helping our service users to maintain existing contacts and to make new liaisons, friendships, and personal or sexual relationships if they so wish.
  • Attempting always to listen and attend promptly to any service users desire to communicate at whatever level.



We have the following principals in respect of our service user group and that is to regard people with mental health needs as individuals, tailoring services to meet their needs and to create a secure, relaxed, happy and homely environment for the service users to live in and for the staff to work in.


It is our aim that those who live with us should live a full and active life and be given the fundamental right to self determination and individuality. To do so with help to retain their dignity, have the respect of those who support them and be given opportunity to enhance their quality of life by providing the support and stimulation to help them maximise their potential physical, intellectual, emotional and social capabilities.


These basic rights are accorded to all who find themselves in our care: there is no attempt to distinguish between one service user to another.


Well Led

Ridgewood is headed by Mr Philip Brown, holding the posts of Company Director, Company Secretary. Mrs Alison Brown RN1, holding the post of Managing Director Provider and currently Acting Manager. They are equal share holders. Mr & Mrs Brown being the owners, shareholders and registered people will live at Chy an Mor, Chy an Gweal, CarbisBay. St.Ives. TR26 2RS. This is situated approximately 10 miles from the Registered premises.


Mrs Brown has 31 years’ experience as a Registered Nurse Level 1, her Level 4 in Management, her Registered Manager’s Award also Level 4 and her NVQ Level 4 in Care. She has overall responsibility for the home and the client’s well being etc as laid down in Care Act 2015.

Working with Alison Brown is her Care Manager Mrs Caz Trevaskis who has the day to day responsibility for the running of the care, Caz holds both her NVQ 4 in Care and her Registered Manager’s Award.

The staff at Ridgewood will consist of 10 full-time and one part-time member, all care staff are NVQ 3 or above. We currently have one trainee.

All staff are experienced in working on a 1:1 basis or as part of a team.


A Key Worker system has been developed and service users are instrumental in their choice of key worker.


Staffing aims and objectives


We are aware that the home’s staff will always play a very important role in the service users’ welfare. To maximise this contribution, we will do the following,

  • Staff are employed to meet the agreed needs of the service user and the indicative budget assessment by the purchaser which in most cases is the local council or health authority and with the relevant skill mix to meet these service users’ identified needs.
  • Observe recruitment policies and practices which both respect equal opportunities and protect service users’ safety and welfare.
  • Offer our staff an range of training which is relevant to their induction, foundation experience and further development.

Lounge Poppy


Management and Administration aims and objectives

We know that the leadership of the home is critical to all its operations. To provide leadership of the quality required we will do the following,

  • Seek to always engage a Registered Person who is qualified, competent and experienced for the task.
  • Aim for a management approach which creates an open, positive and inclusive atmosphere.
  • Install and operate effective quality assurance and quality monitoring systems.
  • Work to accounting and financial procedures that safeguard service users’ interests.
  • Offer service users appropriate assistance in the management of their personal finances.
  • Keep up-to-date accurate records on all aspects of the Home and its service users.





The range of needs we meet is based on our extensive training and experience, within Ridgewood the Registration will be for Younger Adults.



Personal and Health Care


We draw on expert professional guidelines for the services the home provides. In pursuit of the best possible care we will do the following.


  • Seek to meet or arrange for appropriate community based Multi-Disciplinary Team professionals to meet the health care needs of each service user, many of these professionals are known to the Management from their experience within the Health Service in Cornwall.
  • Produce with each service user, a regularly updated and thoroughly implemented support plan, based on an initial and then continuing assessment of outcomes.
  • Establish and carry out procedures for the administration of service users’ medicines.
  • Take steps to safeguard service users’, their privacy and dignity in all aspects of the delivery of health and personal care.
  • We will not be providing Nursing Care.
  • Treat with special care, service users who are dying and sensitively assist them and their relatives at the time of death. At this time we provide palliative care under the guidance of the community care team such as the GP, the district nurse and other professionals.


Admission to the Home

We recognise that every prospective service user should have the opportunity to choose a home that suits their needs and abilities. To facilitate that choice and to ensure that our service users know precisely what services we offer, we will do the following,

  • Provide detailed information on the home by publishing a statement of purpose and a detailed service user guide.
  • Give each service user a statement of terms and conditions specifying the details of the relationship.
  • Ensure that every prospective service user has their needs expertly assessed before a decision on admission is taken.
  • Demonstrate to each person considering admission to the home, that we are confident that we can meet their needs, as identified at assessment.
  • Offer introductory visits to prospective service users and avoid unplanned admissions except in cases of emergency.





Lifestyle, Social Activities and Leisure


Activities will be built around the service user’s individual support plan in accordance with the service user’s previous lifestyle, history and interests, with their assistance together

with that of the relatives, care manager or advisor, to ensure the correct structure of activities and timing etc and risk assessments are in place. These activities will take place both within the home and enabling community presence.

It is clear that service users may need care and help in a range of aspects of their lives. To respond to the variety of needs and wishes of service users, we will do the following,

  • Aim to provide a lifestyle for the service user, which satisfies their social, cultural, religious and recreational interests and needs.
  • Help service users to exercise choice and control over their lives.
  • Provide meals which constitute a wholesome, appealing and balanced diet in pleasing surroundings and at times convenient to service users.







Service User’s input into the running of their home


We place the rights of service users at the forefront of our philosophy of care. We seek to advance these rights in all aspects of the environment and the services we provide and to encourage our service users to exercise their rights to the full.


The future of Ridgewood is based around the service user, whom will be enabled to exercise their rights by their key workers, the Management, their relatives or advocate and care manager. We will welcome discussion specific to the home at monthly service user’s meetings and minutes will be recorded.


Religious or Cultural Provision


The service users are free to follow their personal religious observances and their cultural traditions, we will undertake to regularly facilitate this either by arranging transport or care support for the service users to purchase.


Visiting Arrangements

The home has an open door policy, however, other service user’s privacy must be observed and visitor’s identification will be required. The service user’s individual rooms offer space and privacy and we also offer a choice of lounges, which can be used for private visits. We do request that meal times are avoided if at all possible.


Concerns, Complaints, Protection and Safeguarding

Despite everything that we do to provide a secure environment, we know that service users may become dissatisfied from time to time and may even come into contact with an abusive situation inside or outside the home. To tackle such problems we will do the following,

  • Provide and, when necessary, operate a simple, clear and accessible complaints procedure.
  • Take all necessary action to protect service users’ legal rights.
  • Make all possible efforts to protect service users from every sort of abuse and from various possible abusers.


Review of Service User’s Support Plan

Service user’s reviews will take place 6 monthly (or more frequently if the service users needs dictate) and they will be centred about the service user and will include Care Managers, Advocates, Relatives, Key Worker, Management and multi-disciplinary team to ensure the correct course of action will be taken.

Any agreed action will be followed up by communication to all relevant bodies and timescales/responsibilities identified.


Safeguarding at Ridgewood

Protecting vulnerable people from abuse of any kind is a high priority for everyone. Ridgewood is committed to preventing any form of abuse towards people who use our service, including staff and volunteers.

This is achieved by regular monitoring of our care practice and regular service user meetings, interaction with management and staff on a regular basis to develop trust and good communication.

Observant professionals and staff making early, positive interventions with individuals and families this can make a huge difference to their lives, preventing the deterioration of a situation or breakdown of support network.

Any disclosers or concerns report to:

Manager Alison Brown      mob  07891890230

Care Manager  Caz Trevaskis  mob 07947218101

Safeguarding Triage  01872 326433


Ridgewood adheres to the six principals of safeguarding.

1. Empowerment.

Presumption of person lede decisions and informed consent.

2. Prevention

It is better to take action before harm occurs.

3. Proportionality

Proportionate and least intrusive response appropriate to the risk presented.

4. Protection

Support and representation for those with greatest need.

5. Partnership

Local solutions through service working with their communities.

6. Accountability

Accountability and transparency in delivering safeguarding


Risk taking

There must be an emphasis on sensible risk appraisal, not risk avoidance, which takes into account individual preferences, histories, circumstances and life styles to achieve a proportionate tolerance of acceptable risk.


Additional Therapeutic Techniques

Any additional therapies used within the home will have been discussed within the service user’s review and documented accordingly within their individual support plan. Only accredited persons will be engaged to carry out these services and the required checks will be made of their competence and suitability. Where possible the service users will access the community to use these services.

Some of the therapies to be offered to our service users (some by private purchase) are: Mental Health support groups, Art Therapy, Aromatherapy, Horticulture and Sensory Workshops, Animal Husbandry, Craft and Jewellery workshops, Music Workshops. We also purchase services from external day placements such Drym Valley Centre.


Transport Arrangements

Ridgewood does not provide free use of vehicles. All travelling will be met by public transport/taxis, which will be paid for by the service user. We can however, offer a private vehicle for service user’s use at a contribution of 49p per mile which is payable by the service user and a receipt will be given.



Review of this document


We are committed to achieving our stated aims and objectives and we welcome the scrutiny of our service users and their representatives. We keep this document under regular review and also welcome comments from service users and others.




Created by: Alison Brown. RN1


Position: Acting Manager, Provider and Managing Director.


This is a live document which will be subject to updating/reviewing at least annually.